Networking has unlimited potential, but only for those willing to take risks, work outside their comfort zones, and explore new possibilities. Discover how LinkedIn can help you get ahead in today’s competitive business market. We don’t want you to ATTEND this session, we invite you to EXPERIENCE it with strategies designed to inspire both new and advanced platform users. Kari’s edgy delivery will make you laugh and motivate you to take further action on LinkedIn. Hear how she’s leveraged 15+ years of experience to build and sustain mutually beneficial relationships (and grow her business). Discover how to attract others to your profile, hear things to avoid when engaging on the platform, and learn proven LinkedIn strategies through real-world examples shared. This topic isn’t for everyone, only those ready to create improved professional outcomes for themselves, their team, and their company.  

· Discover Kari’s Top 10 LinkedIn Profile “Must-Haves”
· Explore ways to leverage LinkedIn to extend brand awareness
· Hear a proven 3-step networking strategy 
· Learn how to attract (and sustain) powerful network connections


Kari Mirabal
Kari Mirabal
Kari Mirabal, International keynote and TEDx speaker, author, and consultant shares innovative networking strategies to help professionals leverage the power of authentic connection. Mirabal shares knowledge gathered from decades of experience and whose clients include Fortune 500 companies and executive leaders across the country and abroad. Mirabal’s company develops corporate programs, products, and presentations that benefit those interested in earning new clients, increasing profits, and advancing careers through networking.